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OnePiece in the Boston Globe

There are some real issues with the Northeast and fashion. While Boston is no Portland, Maine, even a girl from Seattle tends to feel like everything gets adopted here a little later than ... elsewhere. As in, years. I found this annoying, because I was really hoping to see the end of pointy toed shoes, and it took longer here than ... elsewhere. But whatever. We're through that. It's all good.

I don't know what brought this to my attention:


Apparently some hungover Norwegians came up with a garment design based on sewing hoodies to sweatpants, and after a while, a guy on the Boston Globe staff reported on it and its celebrity adopters. What the staff writer missed, however (possibly because it happened before he was born and, therefore, is not relevant) is that the jumpsuit or flightsuit or coverall has a very long career as a not-really-fashionable-but-we'll-pretend clothing choice. Think: W. with the crotch thingy (I guess that's one way to deal with the bagginess inherent in this garment) on the flight deck (sorry I reminded you of that); the cover of Heinlein's _Friday_ in paperback, endless middle-aged housewives in the mid 1980s wearing "leisure wear", usually with really silly belts over them.

The hood on it is a novel feature in my experience, but I'm sure someone will point to a 50 year old instance of same if I just wait a few hours.

While I certainly committed jumpsuit sins in the mid- to late 1980s myself (there are pictures to prove it, including one with shorter legs that could arguably be described as a skort -- no, I'm not kidding, and while I have photographic proof I'm not sharing it here), I'm always amazed that people keep trying to make something so simultaneously practical (hey, we're talking a _coverall_ here. That's mechanic clothing. For realz.) and awkward, at least for women who don't feel like stripping to pee. (Yeah, I never understood the belt over the jumpsuit thing that middle-aged women were doing in the 80s. That belt just made the problem that much worse.)

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