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Did I mention Anneke Jans?

Recently, I discovered a definite shared ancestor between my husband and I: Anneke Jans and Everardus Bogardus. He counted generations: 12 on his side, and 13 on mine, making us approximately 10th cousins. And before you go, _everybody_ is 10th cousins, according to the wikipedia entry on pedigree collapse and the Straight Dope article which it cites in support:


Everybody is maybe 50th cousins, which is a very different proposition.

Prior to discovering those shared ancestors, my previous closest approach between R.'s and my trees was the incident in Feb 1690 in Schenectady, when one of his Simon Van Ness's was sent from Fort Albany to go chase down the attackers/kidnappers. People who do less meticulous research conclude from this that Van Ness was living in Schenectady, but that's probably not the case. With a lot of work yet to do, I am optimistic that there are more shared ancestors, and still a small chance that I might be able to detect them.

Having Anneke Jans and Everardus Bogardus in our ancestry is not particularly surprising. For one thing, she had a lot of kids who lived to adulthood and had a lot of kids. For another, they were a well-documented bunch of people whose descendants have curated a lot of the genealogical connection (partly because of that lawsuit, presumably). There was a book published in the mid 1990s, _Dear "Cousin"_, which documented the descendancy in great altho not exhaustive detail. The author, William Brower Bogardus of Wilmington, OH, is apparently working on round 2, which will NOT reference the first version, which is a relief because it is one of those out of print books which commands ridiculous prices. (You _really_ have to respect a Goodwill operation which can spot and market a used book from 1996 for over $200.) According to this:


It's going to add 2 more generations down and source the heck out of everything in it. If it's anything like Hank Jones' books on the Palatines, I'll have to be very careful about not drooling on it.

I feel like my hobbies are getting more and more ridiculous every year.
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