walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

LibraryThing, or Whoops!

Okay, I've been sucked in. Here's how (it was an accident! Really!):

I'm reading _A Short History of Progress_, which coves a lot of the same ground covered by Brian Fagan's _The Long Summer_ (a really good book) and Jared Diamond's _Collapse_ (an okay book). Wright is kinda snippy about Diamond (mostly based on _Guns, Germs and Steel_ and rightly so) and while he's aware of Fagan's area of expertise, I think he probably hadn't seen _The Long Summer_. Wright annoys me with some of his summaries, but when he digs in, he's not bad, and I think where's he's going with this is actually really, really good.

So I think, hmm, has anyone else compared these three. I try searching on the three names, and stumble across LibraryThing's Author Cloud. What, I ask, am I looking at? It's very cool, ah, I get it, oh, I'm at LibraryThing. I., M. and others have all mentioned this. I'll give it a go.

Oh, dear. Innocent things like that. Now LibraryThing is _down_ and I am in withdrawal. I bought a lifetime membership. My login is rebeccaallen. I've ordered a Cue Cat and am thinking about cataloging the whole enchilada.
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