walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

1630, Anneke Jans

I'm not sure which part of this is cooler. First, I have a line I actually _trust_ that gives me multiple arrivals prior to the highly suspicious line that leads to the Planter in 1635. In particular, I've got a 1630 arrival in the form of Anneke Jans with her first husband (altho my ancestor she had with her second husband).

Second, Norway! Yay!

And third, _Anneke Jans_! Specifically, some of her descendants were the people who started that 3 century long lawsuit about the New York site of Trinity Church.

There is, of course, a catch. Her second husband, Bogardus, worked as a clerk in Guinea, West Africa for a while before coming to New Netherlands. *shudder* In case it isn't totally obvious (which it wouldn't be if your head wasn't buried in the geopolitics of the first quarter of the 17th century), that means the guy was working at a slave depot.

I'm extremely sorry. I don't feel at all bad that he died in a shipwreck off Wales.
Tags: genealogy, history

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