walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Jan and Annetje

Jan and Annetje really stood out of the crowd when I first encountered them in genlias a week or more ago. You see, they had the same last name. Before they got married. Yup. You can have really plain, ordinary names like John and Annie, but if you have the same last name before you get married, I might actually remember.

So when I ran across them _again_ in another part of my tree, I was very, very cautious about filling in fields. I knew how annoying it was to get that wrong, because ancestry.com does not support merging individuals.

Anyway. I entered it all very nicely, and no, I could not possibly tell you the implications, because I can't demonstrate that it's anything simple like a first cousin marriage (for one thing, I haven't been able to dig back to grandparents on all the relevant people) -- it might be, but I can't prove it -- but worse, whatever that was, their offspring married someone else in my tree.

It does not display well. Seriously. Does not display well at all.
Tags: genealogy

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