walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

I got a copy of Plett's Profile!

I've been trying to lay hands on one of these, on and off, for a while now (years, but probably not a decade). The book is Delbert Plett's _Profile of the Mennonite Kleine Gemeinde 1874_ and includes detailed information about a handful of my ancestors and a whole lot of relatives and a fair bit of what might be loosely interpreted as cultural context, which is to say, religious gossip of a high degree of accuracy and sourcing. It is often not possible to find even one copy available for sale, and when there is one, good luck being the first in line to actually order it.

I paid a little under $60, all in, to get what was listed as "very good" condition, but realistically is more like a reading copy. There is a _lot_ of ink underlining and circling. For a 1987 paperback, this ought to be a crime, but I am ecstatically grateful instead.

Tags: genealogy

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