walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

we stayed home today

Because Teddy has been acting sick for a couple of days -- a little warm, a lot snuggly and having trouble staying asleep. I had low expectations, but we made turkey-vegetable loaf today (and it turned out well. I actually followed my own recipe and it really does work when I don't deviate massively and leave out ingredients), and I soaked chickpeas and am cooking them according to the Cafe Flora cookbooks directions for hummous. I'm going to see how that turns out.

Next up is probably blond brownies, because I've been out of those for a few days and I miss them.

Currently reading _A Short History of Progress_ by Ronald Wright and let me tell you, I am not impressed. At all. Glad I didn't pay much for it. It's strong on polemic and short on data, and his characterization of the history of technology and the transition to agriculture are just kinda lame (nothing -- and I do mean _nothing_ about textiles in any of his lists of key inventions).
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