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A Good Guidebook is a Wonderful Thing

One of my friends from Seattle was in the area for an institute, and she arrived a day early so we could spend some time together. I took her out to Sheldrick Forest, at Roland's suggestion, and then we wandered around Peterborough and spent some time at Toadstool. After all, she's my friend -- of course she loves bookstores! Sunday, Roland and I took Camilla to Springfield, MA, stopping in Petersham along the way to ooh and ah at the pretty buildings, the cemetery, and the historical society's exhibit.

Since we also went to a party Sunday evening, I was feeling very lazy and unmotivated on Monday, and stayed in spending money on the web (it was only secondarily retail therapy, as they were planned purchases for the wedding), thinking I ought to go to the gym since it was too dreary of a day to go for a walk. Then today! Oh, wow, the morning was just gorgeous, and I got out the door and on a trail before the thundershowers hit. I saw all of Purgatory Falls (upper, middle and lower) even tho I had to approach the lower separately, because part of the middle of the trail is closed. Extremely worthy.
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