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Recent Activities: Sick

We've all been sick. Again. On Monday, T.'s croup was so bad I told R. not to wait to get a same day at the clinic but just take him down to the ER. In retrospect, I don't know what I think of this decision. We probably should have remembered that we have a nebulizer much earlier on in the process. OTOH, they did give him a steroid pill and that probably helped. Traffic down 2 really sucked so it may have been faster to drive to the clinic. OTOH, R. was thinking about calling 911. *shrug*

He was well enough today to go to school and they haven't called me to come get him so I think we got that part right. The rest of us have just had head colds.

Also on Monday, J. showed up to start installing the new master bedroom closet fittings, which we are very excited about. Next project after that is either the screened deck or the yard work to put the playset in -- or maybe both. After the snow is gone, presumably.

I've been spending a lot of time on the couch with one or more children sitting on top of me. This seems to be the primary thing A. wants to do (altho she's just as happy upstairs in bed watching TV in the master, with or without company) and the only way to keep T. off the rebounder. Nothing wrong with the rebounder, but the physical exercise definitely sets off the croup.

I am _so_ happy we have the iPads.
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