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We had company last night which was fun. A. is a bit of a genealogy buff, and he's good at tracking people down who are still alive. He doesn't necessarily get in touch with them, but he had some tips for good strategies that don't cost any money.

And boy, howdy, he had found a couple of great places. Best of all, the find-the-right-bunch-of-people-in-a-house/group approach told me that one of a family with unfortunately common names had the great taste to marry someone with a _very_ unusual surname (I love it when people do this). And she has a picture visible on fb. She is the living image of her mother (well, a little older than when I last saw her mother, but the same hair, same smile -- spooky). Unlike my friend A., I _do_ contact people.

Fingers crossed!
Tags: genealogy

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