walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's activities include: Art! Good food and good company

I drove up to Mayberry (<-- not it's real name), NH today and met my friends A. and L. Together, we went to an art and antiques gallery, where I bought Art. Well, I don't have the art and they don't have the check, but I'll be sending them the check tomorrow and I will pick the Art up some time after that. A very New Hampshire interaction -- they volunteered to let me take the art and just send the check later, which gives you a sense of what that state can be like when it's really at it's very best.

We at lunch at the Rural Bistro, which was really, really tasty.

And for dinner, three people came over (a different A., his wife M., and another M.) and we got takeout from Benjarong, which was quite tasty. The company was excellent. R. put T. to bed, but then we had to kick people out in order to get A. down. Despite none of the three adults having children of their own, they were quite understanding of the children. I suspect T. was a little annoyed that we weren't paying enough attention to him, but on the scale of problems, that's a really great one to have.

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