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recent long posts about genealogy

I recently posted some very long stuff about genealogy. The "Another" story is not recent; the work in that story is from a few years back. The "A Story" in 2 parts plus a Moral is what I've been working on this year that resulted in re-establishing contact with a branch of the family that last had contact with my branch sometime in the early 1980s when my grandfather died (they were sent a notice of the funeral). My aunt probably had out of date addresses for them; they actually had valid contact information, since a family member still lives in the house where my grandfather lived, but no one on that side was actively pursuing it. They were interested in contact, however.

Most exciting on that side is that I now know a little more about my great-uncle: the name of the woman he married, and I'm now tracing her line.

I've really wanted to share this as a story in a way that would be publicly visible, because I think the story is an interesting one, potentially useful to someone who is thinking about doing some genealogy but has no idea what the process might feel like. I'm not giving enough information to help someone _do_ the work, obviously -- just enough of a story to suggest that anyone with a little information and some determination really can make meaningful progress, particularly the online datasets that are increasingly available.

I've also had to balance this against my own privacy concerns, and the privacy concerns of other people I mention in the stories. As a result, the only names I've supplied are both distant from me, and the name of one person in particular who made a really concerted public effort in genealogy already.

I'm happy to share more information in a less public way. Anyone interested in looking at my tree on ancestry.com is welcome to contact me. My husband and my newfound relative are both editors on the tree and now that I'm over the anxiety bump of omg what if they mess it all up, I'm more than happy to give more people access if they'd like to contribute to the tree (more people, photos, etc.).
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