walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

slightly more about sugar

Teddy managed to get two treats from nearly everyone, by dint of (a) taking two and (b) being pre-verbal, and thus difficult to negotiate with. And most of the people handing them out seemed to think that two hands = two treats anyway. Wow. This is a racket.

This was also my very first time ever going trick or treating. And I mean that. J. at the library took pity on our unprepared selves and replaced the paper bag we'd been using for Teddy's treats with the canonical plastic pumpkin. I had bought Karen Katz' book about Halloween, but not actually bought the plastic pumpkin. D'oh.

Out of all the loot (quite a lot of chocolate bars -- snickers, mounds -- and some m and ms and so forth), the only things I could theoretically eat are the Skittles (which I don't much care for) and the Junior Mints (which are now gone). So Halloween has been something of a caloric let down. For me.

I may need to pick up some post-Halloween candy corn.
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