walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

a day to ourselves

Well, mostly.

R. started work today. He was actually at work from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., a full 8 hour day, which hopefully will not be typical as this is supposed to be a part time gig. Orientation and they took him out to lunch and gave him a bunch of benefits paperwork yada yada yada. The job is in Massachusetts, and there are two married gay men in his group (not married to each other -- that would be really complicated). Some days, you can _tell_ it's the twenty-first century and social norms are in fact improving. Other days, not so much.

B. came by around quarter to four and stuck around for a little over two hours, taking Teddy for a half hour stroller ride while I spent an hour on the treadmill reading the latest issue of Mothering magazine and some of the letters in response to the Organic Myth cover story in BWeek a few issues back (they did not print mine). Nice issue of Mothering magazine. However, the article about the woman whose Italian mother-in-law opposed breastfeeding mentioned the rationale she supplied, without delving into any of the Mussolini-era crap that resulted in a generation of Italian women not breastfeeding. A bit of a weakness, but not something that anyone involved was likely to stumble across, because it would have required having the mother-in-law's mother on site to explain things (or someone who reads just way too fucking much).

I took Teddy to the park today a little before 10 for a half hour (I love the fall time shift) or so, where we met B. (Connecticut born and raised), J. (from Antrim, NH) and their children, M. (2 and a half and quite friendly) and K. (10 months, and just starting to walk, mostly cruising and standing, but game for the slides). B. and J. had done a similar live in one place, live in another place, finally move back to New England like R. and I, altho in their case, it was Chicago, and the timeline was stretched out over a decade and involved extended family. Lucky for them, the extended family came back to New England, too. Nice people, by my calculations about ten years younger than me (B. volunteered that the move to Chicago happened in the around 1995 or so when he'd just graduated from high school). Sounds like all their friends back in Chicago were having kids too, which supports my thesis that sensible souls these days are _not_ all waiting until their late 30s to have children.

Teddy took an hour nap, which was less than usual, but he was mostly calm and good natured. He ate a ton. We made applesauce and apple coffee cake and only watched slightly less than one episode of Teletubbies, but otherwise entertained ourselves without benefit of TV. Okay, that's a lie. I watched fifteen minutes of Dr. Phil, just before Brooke's arrival. I stuck Teddy in the tub for a while, which let me do a bit of reading, which may have been a mistake, because I got him out of the tub about 10 seconds too late to get the poop in the toilet instead of the tub.

It's looking like I might actually survive this. We'll see.

Since I finished _Spook_, I'm now reading _A Short History of Progress_, which I picked up at the University Book store tent at Bumbershoot for cheap. About the only thing about Bumbershoot that was cheap, come to think of it. Tomorrow is Halloween. We have pix of Teddy in costume, and hope to get him back into that costume to go to the library for trick or treat. No freaking way am I attempting door-to-door with him this year.
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