walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Well coverage of autism


Above average article on the subject. There are some problems (oh, I always have issues). I could wish they hadn't only mentioned Autism Speaks as an advocacy organization. Autism Speaks doesn't ever let people _with_ autism or autism spectrum disorders ever actually speak -- only NTs. Then there's the ridiculous focus on vaccinations to the exclusion of everything else. And the exclusive perspective on autism and autism spectrum disorders as a disease that needs to be cured, vs. an alternative way of being, say. I also tend to disapprove of treating increased diagnosis as unambiguous evidence of increase in incidence; my family history says otherwise.

I _liked_ the focus on Floortime. All too often, people talking about autism go straight to ABA. OTOH, I wouldn't mind seeing Floortime joined in media coverage by RDI, SCERTS, ESDM, etc.

All that said, the stories at the beginning were very nice and sounded just exactly right to me. We had a tree this year, and I had a lot of concerns about how that was going to go. We got lucky and it turned out okay; we even included turning the lights on in the afternoon as part of T.'s regular routine for several weeks. I think it helped that we had a bunch of apps on the iPads with Christmas/holiday themes. I think it also helps that we just don't take the holidays all that seriously anyway, and have removed a lot of the must-wait/Christmas Day is special pressure by Officially Celebrating Solstice -- no one can really give us crap on the 25th for having already opened most of the presents and we don't necessarily need to tell them that we've been handing stuff to the kids to open for days or weeks (and they do need practice at unwrapping -- I'm not kidding).

My biggest regret this Xmas was forgetting to bring T.'s headphones to the family gathering. With the iPad and headphones, he sat at the kids table at T-day and even ate a waffle. With no headphones, when it got loud he had to leave the room.

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