walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Law School vs. Housewifery


Long article in the NYT from last week about people graduating from law schools to discover that they are deeply in debt, the job market for lawyers is terrible and there is no way to make school debt disappear. The article goes into some details summarizing what a bunch of blogs have been saying: the US News Law School ratings have been gamed, most law schools aren't worth going to under any circumstances and being a lawyer isn't that great anyway. It also points to some of those blogs.

One of those blogs is Rose Colored Glasses, and here is her response to the article:


"I have been accused by some of whining and looking for pity, or feeling entitled, but the fact is that if all this blog is is a chance for me to rant about how miserable I am in law school and the legal field, and for like minded people to respond in kind, it hasn't done anyone much good. The real point is to reach people who are CONSIDERING applying to or enrolling in law school and make sure that they really know what they are getting in to."

I was forcibly reminded of FM. A whole bunch of mostly well-off young'uns are convinced to do something not particularly appealing because they believe it will be really good for their future. Turns out, it's even less appealing than it seemed -- and terrible for their future.

It's almost like capitalism produces this kind of situation. You know, commodification and such.

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