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npr coverage of secret service study of assassins


"But, as Fein points out, the way these people sought to address what they saw as their main problems — anonymity and failure — wasn't inherently crazy.

"There's nothing crazy about thinking that if I attacked the president or a major public official, I would get a lot of attention. I would get a lot of attention. My goal was notoriety," Fein says. "That's why I bought the weapon.""

I went back up and checked. Fein is the psychologist. There's nothing crazy about thinking that if I want attention, attacking someone is a reasonable way to get it? Excuse me? Yes, it will work. It is reality based. But it is _still_ crazy. Crazy isn't _just_ not-being-reality-based. Quite the contrary. Crazy is a cultural construct and at times, being reality based is regarded as being mentally ill.

The stuff about being organized indicating not-crazy is so pathetic I don't even know what to do with it. If anything, needing a high degree of organization is itself a sign of The Crazy (we call it OCD and clump it with the anxiety disorders).

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