walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

medieval children stuff

Wow, it's amazing how I can get sucked into a black hole chasing a dumb question.


Pretty neat site, looks fairly legitimate. Nice article, but in addition to the complete absence of commentary on elimination and sleep (come on, these are pretty Big Deal Items when it comes to childhood -- you can't really just pretend they don't happen. Heck, Rabelais spends a _lot_ of time talking about elimination. And sleep, IIRC), and there's that bizarre footnote at the end, which implies the author seems to think that wet nurses breastfeeding somehow wasn't breastfeeding (I know, she means it isn't the mother breastfeeding, a la Madonna and the Christ child, but it _is_ confusingly worded), anyway if those weren't bad enough, there's a gratuitous slam at swaddling.

Come _on_. What is _with_ these people?
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