walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

friedan and chua

First, Chua:


I wouldn't even follow the links online to the reviews of the book, but this is a nice piece of analysis.

Second: Friedan (again). I'm reading the chapter about sex. Yeesh. What a toxic swamp that is. There had been indications earlier in the book that Friedan had ISSUES when it came to sexuality, but this thing is creepy and gross.

Everyone _loves_ to quote this example of homophobia (location 5125ish): "But the homosexuality that is spreading like a murky smog over the American scene", and that's bad enough, but people should finish the sentence, "is no less ominous than the restless, immature sex-seeking of the young women who are the aggressors in the early marriages that have become the rules rather than the exception." OK, I'm sympathetic to her opposition to early marriage, but I don't know whether I find it creepier that she hated THE GAY or that she didn't care for sexually aggressive women. As a bisexual woman, this is awful to read.

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