walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

trying to read _Typecasting_

It has a really annoying prose style, altho nothing like the previous book I read. I've been skimming and then reading in more detail to see if it's worth committing to reading the whole book. A lot depends on how much I might learn from it, since it covers a lot of familiar ground and again, that prose style.

In any event, I stumbled across a story that I had not previously had this much detail on. The summary here is excellent:


It certainly helps explain why Holmes Jr. is so roundly ignored in some circles. It's hard to rehabilitate the guy who wrote a Supreme Court opinion justifying sterilizing a rape victim because she got pregnant (<-- an oversimplification). Using mandatory vaccination as part of your argument just guarantees silence on all sides.

What a nasty opinion that was in every respect, "dodging" both equal protection and cruel-and-unusual. Next time someone asks you for a Supreme Court opinion you don't agree with, cite this one.

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