walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

the turds of stupidity, they just keep coming

From p 171 of John Freeman's _Tyranny of E-mail_, a quote from Nancy F. Koehn, who really ought to be smarter than this, but then again, maybe when I slam the faculty at Harvard I am not actually exaggerating.

"It's not like you go onto Amazon and think, 'I'm a little depressed. I'll go onto this site and get transported." And yet that is _precisely_ what I do. Frequently. To the tune of a whole lot of money. Week in and week out. At all hours of the day (altho I do sleep quite regularly from midnight to 8ish and do not surf during those hours).

Freeman follows up: "But it is exactly this instinct that pulls us into a beckoning bookstore.

If Koehn "studies consumer habits" and gets this wrong, I feel sorry for any corporate schmuck who listens to her advice. Looks like you can book her in person if you want to hear this foolishness live:



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