walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

p 133 tyranny of e-mail

Honestly, he _wants_ a tyranny of e-mail. He _has_ an anarchy of e-mail. Guy cannot get his metaphors correct and neither can his editor. Maybe this is why:

"The Greek word for "carry" was metaphora."

No, it wasn't.


It's not like this is difficult research to do. A reader would be excused for thinking, well, you had to _realize_ that metaphora might not be what he said it was. This was an easy suspicion to have. "Carry" is short in _every fucking language ever no exceptions good luck find me one please_. Because if there is one thing we all had to do for hundreds of thousands of years, it was fetch and carry (same word, in this case) FUEL and WATER. Without end. Carry is _always always always_ a short word. Metaphora is on the face of it a compound word, thus, it cannot possibly mean what he thinks it means.

I think this guy has hyperlexia.

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