walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

about those hearing tests

T. finally had his last week. A. had hers earlier and got a normal, within the limits of what they are able to test at this developmental level. T. got through the full battery (I was not there) and I gather there was one part of one test he wasn't paying enough attention to, but when they redid it, he did as well on it as everything else. His hearing is utterly normal.

Hopefully this will put a stop to all those helpful suggestions we kept receiving, along the lines of, hey, maybe his speech problems are because of hearing problems.

The night before the test, I had wanted to charge one of the iPads. I waited until T. was out of the room to plug it in, because for some reason he doesn't like them being charged (I'm sure This Too Shall Pass and be replaced with something else mysterious and somewhat aggravating). Unfortunately, he heard the really very quiet sound the iPad makes to indicate that it has started charging. He came running back into the room and proceeded to unplug both iPads from their chargers.

Yeah. I _knew_ there wasn't a hearing problem. You can stand with your head above and behind him and spell out teletubbies toast and he'll type it into youtube. This would not work if there was a hearing problem. It just wouldn't.
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