walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

fewer boxes

We unloaded some of the boxes into the remaining clear bins to go into the basement. But we now need more bins and possibly more shelving. Or maybe just put the boxes on top of other boxes and call it good. In any event, we're down to boxes-that-should-not-be-unpacked (pregnancy clothes, and baby-outgrown-clothes-to-save-for-possible-next-baby) and boxes of books which I'm still figuring out what to do with. That is, we may or may not have enough shelf space, but we definitely cannot use all of it until Teddy can be convinced to leave the stuff he can reach alone. Which might be a while.

I'm now reading _Spook_ by Mary Roach (author of _Stiff_ about dead bodies), which is entertaining. She's initially on a trip to India to trail around after a guy who researches stories of reincarnation.

In a wave of finish-books-I've-been-in-the-middle-of-for-a-while, I wrapped up _The Developing Mind_ by Siegel. It's worth the trouble of slogging through a lot of blah-blah-blah about neuroscience (and a certain amount of psychotherapeutic blah-blah-blah) to get the core ideas about how relationships shape our sense of self, especially when we are very young (relationships may well enable the development of a sense of self), but throughout life as well, with special attention through adolescence, and commentary throughout about how one can make up for the deficiencies of one's youth with the assistance of therapists and close adult relationships.

I also finished the Population and Development book. The last chapter had probably the most policy implications, discussing various developing nations with varying rates of population growth in the agricultural sector and elsewhere, the impact of education on resources, the difficult tradeoffs of centralized versus decentralized capital and, okay, I think someone's eyes just glazed over. I'll stop now. But it really was a great book, and I'll probably dig up some more books along these lines, because it was hugely enlightening.
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