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I used to watch political shows and pay a lot of attention to shirts, ties, lapel width, material, hair styles -- and not on the women. I've mostly stopped, but tonight on Keith Olbermann, they had a little bit about Joe Walsh. Representative-elect Walsh won a "safe democratic" seat in the Chicago area, after being a perennial also ran. Nobody in the race got any national money to speak of, and there was a Green Party candidate who got 3% of the vote. This could be considered important, since in the end, Walsh won by less than 300 votes -- far less than what the Green Party candidate got.

This time around, Walsh ran as a tea partier, and got coverage in places like Breitbart's blog. Yeah, that guy. But as I said, he's been a perennial also-ran, and 15 years ago, according to wikipedia's entry on him, he was running as a socially liberal Republican. You can speculate about how he'll actually vote, but we won't know until he starts voting.

In any event, I'm posting all this -- and I did this very limited amount of research -- because the guy's hair screams "I'm totally fucking insane". I don't have a good link; the pictures I could find of him online give hints of what is going on, but nothing like the bit of video that showed up on Countdown. It looks like he's going bald, maybe has a weave, definitely has that patch of hair in the front that grows pretty well, but rather than doing the Trump-style combover, he's opted for something along the lines of a bedhead style to go with what is otherwise a very short, very conservative haircut.

I was reminded (and I have no idea why) of Kate's hairstyle (she of the many, many, many children). It doesn't look the same. But it sure feels the same.

This could be entertaining.
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