walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Home again, home again

We went to Albany for a short visit with R.'s extended family. It was very, very nice. The kids were fantastically well-behaved on the ride over and back (thank you, DVD player in the van), and in general (wow, it makes a difference bringing the trampoline and iPads). I forgot to bring the headphones for T., which was stupid; they were what let him stay in the room with the family and its attendant noise. I won't forget again. :l It was okay, tho; we got some quiet time in the basement with him.

The food was excellent, as always.

We left last night, rather than this morning, and while R. is convinced we wouldn't have had trouble either way, _I'm_ happier looking out my own window at snow than looking out a van window at snow.

Many thanks to R.'s sister A. for hosting. She always does a great job and this was no exception. She got the house decorated and a tree up and food on the table for for two days in a row with very little notice and working right through Christmas Eve.

Because I blogged about the Christmas sweater, and she noticed that, too, it looks like there will be some competition for sweater-of-the-season next year. Should be entertaining. ;-)
Tags: daily activities
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