walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Never Ever Shop from Bradford Exchange Online

I should have done a little more research up front.


I ordered a really appalling Christmas sweater from them just after T-day; I blogged about that. It has still not shown up, and a request for a tracking number. Much later, I got an e-mail saying the package has arrived (not just been sent, but _been delivered_), which did not refer to the e-mail which I sent via their web form (and to which I have not otherwise received a response). Which it has not.

So, never, ever, ever do business with The Bradford Exchange. I've sent a second e-mail via the same webform. If they can't come up with tracking information for me, my next step will involve denying the charge and contacting the Better Business Bureau.

They can't even blame FedEx for this one. They sent it USPS. At least that's the story.

ETA: I dug up an 866 number and had to sit on the line for a long time before I got to talk to someone. They don't have a tracking number. The e-mail that I received is sent automatically 3 weeks after they send the item out -- it's not based on any reality at all. Their policy is that they'll send a replacement item free of charge if it still hasn't arrived after 30 days. Needless to say, that's not a great solution, given that I ordered this sweater just after T-day for this Christmas season and the season is all but over (we do solstice, primarily, altho we also usually do some sort of extended family thing on Xmas eve/day).

They're still trying to pin this one on the postal service, which I find risible. I asked the customer service person to pass this one up the line and told her I was going to blog about it.

I did a little looking around at the BBB, and they have an amazing number of delivery complaints. By comparison, Amazon has far fewer delivery issues (and this is with way more business overall and a larger number of total complaints within the same time frame -- but a much smaller _number_, not just fraction, involving delivery issues, and with the delivery stuff resolved to the customer's satisfaction far more often).

Do Not Ever Shop from Bradford Exchange. I'm going to walk through the whole process (call at the 30 day window, which will be just after the start of the year) and see if they'll do a resend at that point, and find out if that arrives. If it _does_ arrive, I won't decline the credit card charge (and I probably won't bother complaining to BBB, because it'll just register as "resolved to the customer's satisfaction", which won't represent my lived reality). I'm of two minds as to whether to bother declining the charge otherwise: there's a lot of reason to believe the credit card companies do nothing useful in terms of disciplining companies, and it can definitely lead to problems on my end; it's not enough money to expend a lot of effort on.

However, it is an annoying enough thing for me to want to make sure everyone knows about these idiots, and knows not to do business with them. They may appear to sell one of the most comically tasteless holiday sweaters EVER, but if you can't actually _get_ it, it's just a scam anyway.
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