walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's activities include: preschooler on the phone

When I was in the hospital (briefly) with appendicitis, or, rather, the morning after the surgery for same, I talked on the phone with my husband, R. We discussed mostly how things were going with the kids and as a result, I suggested having R. try to get T. to at least listen to my voice on the phone. We had never been able to get him to _talk_ on the phone altho, like A., he liked to pretend to be on the phone. Unlike A., his pretending did not typically extending to vocalizing, nonsense words or otherwise.

But in this amazing instance, he actually did say a few words, and it was clear he was listening to me and it seemed to help him cope with waking up in the morning and me not being there.

Today, a friend called, and T. picked up the phone in the other room: very appropriate developmentally for a five year old. He didn't press the talk button, but he did walk over towards me and look at me with a smile. So I pushed the talk button and told him to say hi to the person on the line. And he did.

This may not be amazing to you, but it's pretty amazing to me. He was excited enough about it he wanted to do it again a couple minutes later. I'm thinking it's time to start having regular phone calls to grandma.
Tags: daily activities
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