walkitout (walkitout) wrote,


First story: I bought Stuart Weitzman's Suspend for C. and B.'s wedding in June. Very pretty! I am eagerly awaiting their arrival (mail order, of course -- I don't actually get to go shopping).

Second story: Don't wear clogs on a bicycle! I had on a pair I usually wear as slippers in the house but that I can go out to the garage in. I already knew they were a poor choice for digging a trench. But we were out in the yard having a fine time, when I thought, gosh, here's me, the kid and the bicycle all set up with the Wee Ride. Let's give it a try. Oy. Don't wear clogs on a bicycle. I switched to Tevas; Papa got us our helmets and Teddy and I went out for a spin. Lots of fun! Teddy loved it, but it did get a little chilly.

Third story: Teddy has two pairs of Robeez with lizards on them (identical). Teddy apparently didn't realize this. Today, while wearing one pair, he started screeching at the other pair, which he does when he wants us to put them on him. On another occasion, he wanted to wear his Stride Rites while he was wearing Robeez. This didn't work out well. We hid a pair and distracted him. Anyway, mid-screech, he craned around to get a look at his own feet. Did a distinct double-take, shut up, grabbed the pair of shoes and looked quite pleased, in a slightly confused way. You could just _see_ cognition happening.
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