walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

There Is a Collective Unconscious

Here's what Krugman posted yesterday in his blog:


Yes, you probably should read it, but honestly, for the purposes of this post, you almost don't have to, because of that helpful URL: What Is Money.

Yesterday, I was watching Bloomberg, intent on a relatively complex policy discussion (which is what they trade in, which is why I watch them instead of CNBC) when B. commented that she should learn about the stock market. We chatted briefly about that, and then later on I had a conversation (viz. me ranting) about how no one seems to understand where money comes from, and, even more importantly, that no one really seems to notice that we don't understand where money comes from and, worst of all, we don't seem to care how all our misunderstandings have a tendency to drive us in policy directions that are at best, woefully inadequate and all to often, catastrophic (for some people and oh, so, deliciously wonderful for others).

I _thought_ I was thinking about money because I was reading a book about the gold standard in the nineteenth century vs. 1920s misunderstandings about same, and contemporary misunderstandings of both. But now, I'm learning towards a collective unconscious.
Tags: economics, politics
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