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_Kris Longknife: Redoubtable_, Mike Shepherd

The Peterwald realm is falling apart. Kris is out looking for pirates and finding them. When she sees a connection with people -- some very ordinary and very persecuted, some very, very, evil -- fleeing the Peterwald empire, she decides to go have a little chat with Vicky about it.

The chat turns productive, but Vicky wants something out of the deal: the pediatrician who is one of the few living bright memories of her young life. Vicky figures she could use an advisor who might keep her sane and the Doc is her bright idea. In the course of tracking down Doc Maggie, Kris and Vicky and the usual suspects find some truly appalling people and rescue a runaway who gets into a lot more trouble than she anticipated.

This isn't the book to start with, but it's not the kind of book that causes me to stop reading, either. There've been a couple of those in my life this last year. I'll continue to play along with this series.

_Saturday Night Special_, Mari Carr

E-only, but you can get it on multiple platforms. I got it on kindle. This is book 6 in a series, possibly the last one. The gimmick is a large family (mom deceased) of adult children and their aging father run a bar in Baltimore. Over the course of the books, they establish families of their own.

In this entry, the youngest, Riley, settles down with cop Aaron. The _way_ that she settles down with him is she goes off to Vegas on a whim with a man married to someone else -- a someone else who just discovered she's pregnant and hasn't told her husband yet. Antics ensue, including a drunken Riley admitting to wanting marriage and kiddies, and the cop takes her off to an Elvis chapel to get married. The next day, the other woman shows up, they spend a couple days trying to track down the husband and get involved with a variety of Characters.

This book was a disappointment. The whole rescuing hookers and getting them legit work is _way_ overused in trashy romance/erotica, but I'm prepared to forgive this kind of meme because if you get hung up on it, you just have to give up the genre. The problem was that I had recently read a trashy romance novel set in Vegas with, on top of it, a whole wish/fairy paranormal theme. And _that_ novel did a far better job of making Vegas feel real than this one (I'm telling you: it's the details of smell that get to me. Mention the chlorine on the gondola ride in the Venetian and I'm A Believer. A food fight at a buffet? Not so much). The pony girl bit was way silly, too.
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