walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

broken condoms

I was watching Countdown and heard a teaser about the Assange case. Then I went looking around:


I refuse to go looking for further commentary on this (altho if you find anyone who has more detailed and hopefully more accurate factual information, I might be willing to read it). Reading Naomi Wolf creeps me out ordinarily; I sure don't want to read what she might have to say about it.

I have to say that I have a _lot_ of respect for a society that takes seriously a woman who says she was fine with the sex, as long as a condom was involved, but not if a condom broke and wasn't replaced, or wasn't used, or if she woke up to realize unprotected sex was in progress. (Also, a man who says similar things.) A _lot_ of respect. This is a direction we should be headed as a society, and at least some sex-positive communities get this really right as well, using social sanctions against people who don't behave well in this respect. Further, I _love_ the idea that this all happened because someone wanted to know STD status, and this was a way to get at this information.

If you really believe that your right to move your fist ends when it hits someone else's nose, it seems like any individual's right to medical privacy ends after the condom breaks. Doesn't it?

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