walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: TV on wall

I did a bit more holiday shopping today (of the For Other People variety, and of the For My Wish List variety). T. spent the day with B. R. got the TV out of the box and we got it out of the garage, up the stairs and, after he put the mounting thing on the wall, on the wall. Complicated. It is a little frightening. In a cool way.

Today's preschooler moments include:

A. said "go outside", and she meant it, standing impatiently by the door to the garage.

T. counted to 25. He was with B., I think reading a Christmas counting book that went to 10, but he kept going. We knew he could do this a while ago, but it's awesome that someone other than us heard it and recognized it.

Audiological report came in the mail today, confirming what we had heard orally (A.'s hearing is good enough. More detail is not possible to get at this developmental stage, and this is all we need to know so we aren't worried this is a factor in language acquisition).

We also went to the grocery store with A.
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