walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

good news, bad news

Actually, really good news. I took A. in for a hearing assessment today at Boston Children's in Lexington. No worries. That's really good news. We'll get the detailed report later, but whatever is going on with her, it's got nothing to do with her ability to hear. Not really a surprise here, but this should put a full and complete stop to the, hey, maybe there's fluid in her ear and that's why she doesn't talk (much) (yet).


I pulled the Early Start Denver Model book down and started reading it. One of the authors spent a bunch of time at UW -- do any of my regular readers know Geraldine Dawson? Of course it was inevitable that Lovaas' name would appear in the acknowledgments but I sort of wish it had not (<-- bad news). Luckily, the authors had made up for it by page 2, when they start by describing how Piaget was wrong-wrong-wrong and here's what the science says currently. (<-- good news) Piaget drives me utterly nuts; it's just tough for me to believe he ever spent any time around children, or really had any understanding of the physical world, either.

I am cautiously feeling optimistic about this book, even if their numbered lists of Why ESDM is Better than RDI or DIR or SCERTS strike me as, um, self-serving.
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