walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Blame My Husband


R. found it for me. I was almost ready to buy something from Quacker Factory over at QVC, because The Country Ewe had gotten way too subtle for me. And then he says, did you see the Thomas Kinkade holiday sweater at The Bradford Exchange? I looked, and asked if he meant this one or the nativity. Of course he meant this one. When I saw the detail on one of the snowmen's vests, I just _had_ to. I mean, I just _had_ to.

For those not yet aware, I have a tradition of at least 5 years, of buying a holiday sweater that is completely ridiculous. Last year's was almost too classy, but it was Disney, so that made up for it. Previous years have involved kittens cavorting among presents, penguins and similar. There was an early entry with reindeer that probably wasn't strictly speaking ridiculous enough.

Really, the most shocking thing about these sweaters is that people persist in complimenting me on them, which forces me to question their taste, or my capacity to detect irony. OTOH, I _buy_ them.
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