walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Return of the Magical Fruit

Yes, we've been eating beans again. I've made a couple rounds of bean fritters, since I am _so_ missing brunch at Cafe Flora and their hoppin' john fritters. The first two rounds involved black beans (because I had some lying around that I had cooked, and only used part of for black bean sloppy joes), and were an interesting (and edible) experiment. Tonight's effort was a sincere attempt to actually follow the recipe; I only skipped the scallions (none at Lull Farm), sage (I forgot) and pickled chipotle (replaced with powdered, and some paprika when that ran out). Unfortunately, I also skipped the corn starch, because it _looked_ like they were going to hold together beautifully. This was perhaps a mistake. Altho maybe not; they may have been too dry.

In any event, while they were not what the pros at the restaurant manage, they were very tasty (particularly with the aioli sauce, and I'm not out of mayonnaise, so you know what that means. Blender mayo. ;-). There are leftovers.

I made coleslaw to go with the first batch, which is now gone. Very sad. OTOH, the fridge still contains napa cabbage and bell peppers, so it's not like I can't do that again. With blender mayo. Yum. Only downer being that the kid can't have blender mayo, but he wasn't eating the cole slaw anyway.

In unrelated food news, we bought some graham crackers that are actually somewhat close to the original cracker (they even mention Doc Sylvester on the box). After the initial are-you-sure-this-is-food, they aren't bad at all.
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