walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

the end of the Euro

This is sort of a rhetorical question.

There's a whole lot of oh, woe going on regarding the Euro, in the wake of Ireland's announcement that they would seek assistance.

A while back (okay, before I was married), I _really_ wanted to buy Euros. I went round with my brokers on the subject of what would be involved in having a bunch of Euros (just cash, in an account), and they seemed to think that this would generate a prohibitive amount of reporting. Given what I have to do in the way of reporting because of _their_ bright ideas, I really resent this. I really resent this because I remember what the Dollar/Euro conversion rate was the last time I was in Europe. And I'm looking at what the Euro has "plunged" to recently.

Google's finance page won't generate a Euro/Dollar chart for me going back before 2004 (maybe it'll do it for you), but here's one.


Nasty, yucky URL. Sorry. You can go to moneycentral and work your way through it; select 10 yr on the relevant chart.

People have been predicting the end of the Euro since for fucking ever. They need to _stop_. It is a pointless waste of time that makes us look like a bunch of idiotic provincials.
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