walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: Maynard is Cool

We went to the korean restaurant (Little Pusan, IIRC) in Maynard today. We were trying to go for a tandem bike ride, but it turns out that my legs and the tandem do not play well together. It'll be fine if I'm in front, but not in back. The good way to look at this is we already have the appropriate bike for when T. outgrows the trailabikes, and I might be able to get my walking partner M. to ride the bike with me. The bummer is that it is not going to work for R. and me together.

In any event, we gave up on riding the bike to the restaurant and instead took the car. After lunch, we poked our heads into a little art gallery, which looks really cool, and will be a great place to buy Christmas ornaments some time after T-day (not out yet). Next door was a computer repair and recycle shop with a truly amazing display of ancient hardware.

Maynard is Cool. Also, it's the only place nearby that allows drive thrus. The golden arches there has been closed for a while being completely rebuilt; I'm looking forward to its return, hopefully with a truly amazing indoor playspace.
Tags: daily activities

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