walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

"Bottle of Sunshine"

T. has recently discovered that the iPads play music. Also, he understands that he can play my iPod on the boombox. And they all have Milkshake's "Bottle of Sunshine" on them. Guess what he does.

R. would never put up with this, because he would rapidly overwhelm and put a stop to it. It's a lot more than I'm comfortable with. Especially with Teletubbies on the TV.

Also, R. has gotten tired of T. asking him to put it back on that particular track, so one iPad is set up on auto-repeat.

Since T. has gone into the playroom to throw alphabet blocks (not hard and not far; it's this odd little over the shoulder and down the arm thing that's kind of cool, especially since no one else in is in there with him at the moment), I've muted the tubbies and paused the iPod, which means I'm currently down to the autorepeat iPad. I'd turn it off, but the odds are _way_ too good that T. would be in here about three seconds later turning everything back on again. OTOH, he has an iPad in the playroom with him that's playing a different song...
Tags: daily activities, ipad

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