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Yesterday's Activities Included: Going to the Store, Horse Show, Orienteering

In the morning, all four of us went to Roche Bros. to do some grocery shopping. I was initially only going to take one kid, but they both went out to the car, so R. came along as well. Once we got to the store, we got one of those shopping cars with the kiddy car in front. It has space for two kids, but normally our kids are kinda hostile to each other and don't share space that well (that's why we only have a single kid bicycle trailer -- you don't want them going at it when you're up front trying to pedal your way home -- and when I have them both on a bike I'm in between them).

But yesterday morning, they both climbed in and were calm the whole time we were in the store. Normally, if it's one kid, they're in and out and making noises indicating they want something and trying to wander off. It was a freaking miracle. I blame Disney; I think they were treating it as some sort of ride.

Later in the day (after some time outside in the neighbors' yard), T. and R. went to Flying Changes/Greener Pastures which was having a horse show. T. got second place in whatever it was they had him participating in (field of 3; I think it was all-around in therapeutic riding category). After that, they headed up to New Hampshire to go orienteering at Beaver Brook. Oddly, a friend of mine and her daughter were doing the same course, but they didn't run into each other (not surprising -- R. and T. arrived fairly late). They completed the course, coming in fourth, very shortly after third. _Lots_ of physical activity for T.

B. came by to pick up A. and I had an extremely mellow day. Today, A. and I hung out while T. and R. went back for T.'s riding lesson and then went to Costco. I think we're all caught up on laundry and (almost) everything from the trip is put away.

It was a pleasant weekend.
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