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Trip Report: restaurants and food

We had a lot of ADRs again, and, once again, I canceled at least half of them. We went to Chef Mickey's twice. The first night, the look on T.'s face when each of the characters came around was unbelievable. It was hard to imagine this was the same kid who was willing to do high fives, but fundamentally uninterested. I don't know that I have ever seen him get _that_ excited about anything. The second time, he was so exhausted and overstimulated we let him bring the iPad to dinner; he could barely be dragged away from it, and the characters were trying hard. A. was still game, tho.

Chef Mickey's has been good to me, both last year and this year. In a bit of slightly stunning Disney magic, I got the same chef (thank you, Matt, of Elkridge, MD) this year to walk me around the buffet as last year. And he remembered me, too.

Unfortunately, due to the time change, our 7ish dinner reservations became 8ish dinner reservations after the time change. I used brute force to cancel the O'hana reservations, saying the kids were going to be asleep when the sun went down. I am often really, really right, but I don't know that I have ever been _that_ right and provably so, _that_ fast. We're sad about not getting to eat at O'hana; hopefully it'll still be there next year.

Pecos Bill is Pecos Bill. We ate at a fast food place in Epcot, which was sort of obscene, given that it was the Food and Wine Festival, but the boy needed fries at 11 a.m.. What are you going to do?

We ate at the Contempo Cafe once (the mahi sandwich is still good) and the Wave once. The Wave is surprisingly good and you generally don't need a reservation. The limited menu included a lamb dish with lentil stew that had no dairy products in it with no modifications. R. and I both ordered it; it was very good.

The sides for many meals throughout the resort include a choice between carrot sticks, grapes, apple wedges and french fries. Don't get the apple wedges; the rest are all uniform and decent. The french fries at the Plaza are shockingly good (so was the burger, especially since they grilled my mushrooms in olive oil).

We did room service the first night; it continues to be excellent.
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