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Happy Halloween!

We didn't decorate this year, because there's just been too much going on, which I'm a little bummed about but I guess we'll do it next year.

I _did_ get the kids costumes. On Friday, T. wore his junior chef outfit and A. her pumpkin fairy outfit to do indoor trick-or-treating at R.'s job. Tonight, I took T. in his junior chef outfit (over regular clothes, instead of just by themselves -- it was cold out), with a flashlight, to go around the loop. This is the same loop I rode dozens of times with T., and walk several times a week with M. Along the way, we stopped in to see a lot of people we know. J. answered -- and we ran into her husband M. and their kids M. and A., who T. and I play with almost every day. We saw R. two doors over. She doesn't live there any more; her daughter T. and her family do, but R. watches the kids every day. R. has lived there since she moved in as a teenager with her parents -- a lot of great neighborhood memories right on our street.

We saw my walking partner M. passing out candy at the G. house, and her father, M., briefly. We saw their neighbor K., who moved in a little after we did. We saw M., who T. would occasionally say hi to when we saw her walking, even when he wouldn't talk hardly at all. We saw Mr. B., who is always so sweet to T., and whose wife -- like everyone else in the neighborhood -- was watching the Patriots game. His neighbor, M. was home, and we'd skipped a few houses to get ahead of the pack. We got to chat for a few minutes.

The stars were out, and T. kept saying, "More houses!" when I asked if he wanted to go to more houses, or go home. We made it the whole way around, altho we didn't try to go to every house. At each house, T. knew to "knock on door" and "say trick or treat", and was happy to say "Thank you" when reminded.

Eventually, he got tired, and we walked the rest of the way home up the little hill on Spencer. While we were out, R. took A. to a few houses in the stroller. It was too cold for the fairy costume, so she was wearing T.'s mouse costume from a couple years ago. She was happy to get out of the stroller and run up to each door to get candy; she's figured out that she gets Reese's peanut butter cups that way. Peanut butter + chocolate: what's not to love? Without the transfat, they definitely fall apart fast, but are oh so delicious.

Right now, each kid is playing on an iPad. R. made sidecars and there's Teletubbies on the flatscreen. The last of the teenagers trying to see how much candy they can pack into a pillowcase has come and gone. We're trying to keep them awake, because the time change is coming up.

We had a great evening. Happy Halloween! I hope you, too, enjoyed the best holiday of the year: the one time we encourage kids to trust strangers to give them candy. Really, we know it's safe, because we know these "strangers": they are our neighbors, the people we see when we're out walking or bicycling, or at the local grocery store. How fantastic to go for a mile walk on a starry night, and say hello to them while they're watching the game on TV.
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