walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

apple picking

Of course, we went to Brookdale, missed the turn, so we went to Lull Farm, which we would rather patronize anyway. All of this in Hollis on Applefest, half marathon day, which I had not previously experienced because I was warned (by R.) not to go anywhere near the place that day. Fortunately, we went around 2 p.m., so the half marathon was long done.

Lots of fun picking apples; did not get any pictures of Teddy pulling at a branch because I'm too slow. Also, no pictures of Teddy using the broom at home, because I am too slow. Oh well. I still think 13 months and a week is Too Young to be using a full sized broom.

The treadmill (Bowflex Series 7 folding from Amazon, $1400, free delivery arrived insanely fast) is awesome. Unbelievably sturdy. Reasonable front console (little fan right in the middle). I've only used the manual program (P1). So far, I'd recommend it (and presumably its cheaper cousins for lightweight people and/or non-runners) to anyone. I'll let you know over the coming weeks/months if I change my mind about this due to unreliability down the road.

My sister told me about the iGallop from Brookstone, so I did a little digging around on that. Moderately interesting -- very interesting for someone who loves the Elizabeth Moon books which include a lot of time on a riding simulator (albeit a much more sophisticated one). If we get a chance, we'll investigate that. Along the way, in someone's blog talking about the iGallop, I encountered a T@B teardrop trailer, which I promptly fell in love with. Since R. and I are both short enough (ceiling height is 5'9" inside, which is steroidally tall for a teardrop, as near as I can tell), the configuration with an inside galley would even work. Of course, that violates teardrop trailerness, in a way.

The bed is set up, and Teddy did not fall out of it, but he did knock some pillows out, which makes me think that setting up the bedrail might not be a bad idea. I don't think, at this point, that he would get hurt even if he did roll out of bed, particularly since the room is carpeted.
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