walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: no more rental car!

I've been trying to make our trip to Florida _not_ require kid seats/boosters/etc. To this end, we're using Disney's Magical Express (aka a Disney supplied motor coach) from the airport to the World. But we were still stuck trying to figure out how to do the grocery run, and there was a possibility that C. would be using the car to visit friends and family in Florida.

Then, I learned that family, if it works out, would be coming to us, not us to them. And that the one friend C. might have gone out to see is on a cruise during our travel dates. Whee! All I needed was a grocery delivery service I could believe in, and no more rental car.

Garden Grocer seems real popular in the DVC forums, so the order is placed. They'll even deliver beer, altho it isn't on their website. We just have to bring the Cares harness for A. on the plane. One huge travel hassle successfully eliminated.
Tags: disney, transportation
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