walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

listening to Maroon 5's Hands All Over

R. took T. to Boston Children's Museum today. He bought us a pass, so we now have one copy of it each with our name's on it (temporary -- permanents will arrive later) and I've ordered one for the local museums even tho strictly speaking they have reciprocity. This way, when B. forgets to give us back the Discovery Museum pass back, it won't matter at all.

On the way back from the museum, he stopped at the Boca Grande to get burritos, and brought extras home, so I had one for lunch. He also stopped at Newbury Comics and bought CDs, including this one.

Which sounds exactly like what I expect Maroon 5 to sound like. I am happy.

ETA: Altho to be fair, probably a whole lot of the credit for that should go to the producer.
Tags: daily activities, logistics
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