walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

time passes

We still have boxes (we're slowing down, but still making progress). We went to Hampshire Hills today and got a membership. I am optimistic that this might work out well. R. called B., who will be stopping by to meet Teddy tomorrow afternoon and see if we can work out a few hours of child care a week to get R. and me some time together (and possibly me some time alone).

R.'s mom will be coming up Thursday and leaving Friday. We'll see how that goes.

I think I mentioned the minivan. ;-) We're still waiting on the new car seat.

Today R. was Away (details in another post), while Teddy and I went to the playground and hung out with P., a friend of mine from my previous stay in New Hampshire and who I dearly love. Lots of fun. Yesterday at the same playground, we ran into M., and learned that the book group was meeting (a) that night and (b) not at the library but at someone's house. So I _did not_ miss the meeting, and had a truly wonderful time after a horrendous morning. The afternoon prior to the playground was actually quite nice, since Teddy and I took an almost three hour nap.

While I was at the book group (_Night Gardening_; _The Black Englishman_ is next month), R. and Teddy wen to Shaw's to get some groceries. They dropped me off on the way up and picked me up on the way back. Could not have worked out better.
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