walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

I can't understand why RPGers have such a bad rep

After all, there are people like this out there:


If you're thinking of posting in facebooks comments in defense of this guy: don't.

You cannot possibly make up anything as insane as this. I have no scale by which to measure the breathtaking awful-ness of this: as a father-son bonding thing, picking a Nazi name to live by, interpreting Nazi militarism and aggression through the lens of anticommunism in the Cold War.

He's got defenders. There's a comments thread at the Atlantic. Secondary coverage over at AP (where I first saw it) is tiptoe-ing-ly neutral.

It really makes the idiots making up military records and undercover cop work and etc. seem reasonable by comparison.

[Edited to correct broken link.]
[Edited to fix wrong-word in the subject line. Geez. I'm clearly losing it.]
Tags: politics
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