walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

didn't realize I could be that offended by a subject line

Okay, _yes_ I can be that offended. But when I'm busy deleting "special offers" from the usual suspects in my e-mail inbox (Sierra Trading Post, drugstore.com, etc.), I barely notice the subject. This one, however, really jumped out at me:

[my first name deleted] -- Columbus Discovered America. You'll Discover Great Savings.

Hey, B&N: I was feeling a little bad about completely abandoning you, after shopping on and off at your stores for a decade or more. Just because Prime shipping and the kindle make it almost impossible to shop for book-like things anywhere else is no excuse. I like your display tables. You serve decent coffee. If you had vegan or even just dairy free goodies in any of the stores I've been to on the East Coast, I might still be a regular.

But I don't feel guilty any more.

Someone in the publicity department needs sensitivity training. Columbus "Discovered" America? Someone should have told that to the millions about to die of smallpox and other diseases which arrived with the explorer.

ETA: After further consideration, I unsubbed to future e-mails and found a way to contact customer service via their website to explain to them why I did so.
Tags: politics
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