walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Progress through the boxes

Of course many remain, but we're getting there. We took a break from unpacking to go to the playground in the afternoon, and then to Lull Farm. I got to drive the Odyssey. Sweet! Comfy 2nd row seats; unbelievable amount of leg room.

The backup camera is bizarrely cool.

The treadmill arrived today, altho we have not yet unboxed it and set it up. Still, that was day one of the original arrival range (that I did not believe). It showed up around 12:30.

After rereading trashy novels for the last few days, I've gone back to reading real books. Biocultural Perspectives on Breastfeeding. Good, geeky stuff. I'd read most or all of the Dettwyler chapter online, but the rest is new to me. I'm thinking I may have to get Fildes' book at some point.
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