walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

lots of action around here

The movers arrived, accepted the check, delivered their load of our furniture, tires, boxes and other household goods and departed. We've been slowly working our way through boxes since. That was yesterday, from about 9 a.m. to 2 or 3 or so. Teddy went down for second nap around 4, so R. made some real progress while Teddy and I slept (nursing hath its privileges).

We got the Odyssey today. Hey little minivan, R.'s going to the Brookline dump! Ahem, just channeling the Austin Lounge Lizards there. I'm sitting in my rocking chair in the garage (all our stuff is here, just not in the right place) while Teddy continues to nap in the car seat. I've had time to catch up on email, order a second car seat (a big, plush Britax Boulevard for the Odyssey -- we got a helluva deal on the vehicle, so I figure I can afford to splurge on a really comfy seat for him.), and now post to my journal.

Before going to the dealership, we first went to the playground (we are not stupid parents), where we saw T. and her son N., who we had seen a couple of days ago. Also two other mothers and three other kids. Going to the playground between 11 and noon is definitely the right time to go.

After that, he fell asleep, so we could go get a cashier's check to buy the minivan, and then go to the dealership, where I foolishly woke him up by coughing. BUT Peters Honda has an _amazing_ play area for toddlers, right next to a very nice waiting room for adults whose cars are being serviced. So nice I'm thinking I'm going to be bringing the van in for all its oil changes and warranty work. Steps to climb on, trucks to drive around, several bead mazes and a bunch of books, vids and assorted other toys that might work if they had charged batteries. If you have a toddler and you're shopping for a car in New Hampshire, do it at Peters. Really great place for a kid to play. (Altho as with all communal little kid toys, kinda grubby, so if you are concerned about germs -- whether justified or not -- maybe not so great.)

Between the playground (big activity) and the toys (new to him), Teddy only through a small tantrum on the way to lunch at Bertucci's, where he was quite well behaved and stayed in his high chair through the meal. Wow.

We've actually been out to eat a shocking number of times lately. Monday's (or Tuesday's? I can no longer recall) rehearsal on buying the vehicle (Applebee's). Last night's oh-gosh-what-time-is-it trip to the Riverside. Today's outing to Bertucci's. He's been amazingly cool about staying in the high chair and eating various things that are offered to him (crackers, rolls, steak, chicken, guacamole, veg from soup, pepperoni -- that last maybe was bad parenting, but sometimes I just gotta).
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